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Our Story

Since 2016

IDOWEY TOYS, established in 2016, is a company specializing in manufacturing and exporting adult toys.
We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and providing a variety of high-quality adult toys, including masturbators for men and women, vibrators, and sexy lingerie. As a global company, we primarily target the European and American markets, aiming to offer innovative, safe, and comfortable adult toy experiences to our customers.
We prioritize not only product quality but also customer needs and feedback, striving to provide satisfactory products and services. Whether you are an individual consumer or a wholesaler, we are committed to offering you the best shopping experience and the most competitive prices. Choose IDOWEY for high-quality, innovative, and reliable adult toys.

Present Days

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Core Values

In our company, human sexual health and well-being is not only a commitment, but also a mission. We understand that sexual health is vital to an individual’s well-being and overall development, so every job we do is designed to help people have a healthier, more enjoyable sex life. Our products are not just simple tools, but also expressions of love and care, and the pursuit of confidence and a better life. We sincerely hope that everyone can find satisfaction and happiness in the field of sexual health, because we believe that only when people have a good experience and knowledge in sexual health can they truly enjoy the beauty and richness of life.

Our Community

As a member of this team, I feel immensely proud and honored. We are not just colleagues but also a family. In this big family, everyone is full of passion and vitality, exuding creativity and teamwork spirit. We are not individual heroes fighting alone but a team that cooperates seamlessly, each striving towards common goals. No matter what difficulties and challenges we face, we can unite closely, overcome together, because we believe that only the power of the team can overcome everything.
Sexual desire is incredible! If you still think masturbation is unbeatable, you'll be surprised.
Huan Lau